D-Day pilot celebrated 102 years by attributing longevity to ‘art, music, good food and the best wine’


A D-Day pilot has turned 102 and attributes his longevity in part to a love of good wine, among other pleasures.

Harry Gamper, who turned 102 on July 20, missed his 100th birthday party due to lockdown but made sure he had double the fun this year.

A war hero and father of two, Harry served as an RAF pilot in the Second World War and won medals for his service in France and Germany, including a Battle of the Atlantic medal.

While in the RAF, Harry flew over 1,000 hours, taking the reins of Warwick, Wellington and Catalina seaplanes, and left the Air Force in 1946.

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Harry threw an Italian-themed birthday party, in memory of his late wife, Annalisa, with whom he spent sunny holidays in Italy.

“Life is good and I’ve always lived it to the fullest,” Harry said. “I love art, music, good food and the best wine. All of these things, and the people around you are what matters most in life.

“I was looking forward to my Italian feast and maybe singing along to some traditional Italian music.”

He was born in Surrey on 20 July 1920. The Battle of the Atlantic was the longest military action of the war, lasting from 1939 until the final months of 1945, a period in which 175 RAF fighters were shot down in anti-submarine. exits.

After retirement, Harry moved to a cottage in the village of Straiton, Ayrshire in the late 2000s, where he took up gardening and enjoyed the proximity to the coast.

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Harry described his D-Day memories as “incredible, I’ll never forget it”.

“For a whole week before D-Day, no one was allowed to leave the airfield. So something big was going to happen,” he said. “The [English] The Channel was amazing – I think you could almost walk across the Channel because all the boats were crossing it.

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