Revive and Save Traditional Folk Music for Posterity: Goreti


Anantapur: The Society for Humanism and Social Change organized “Atmiya Samavesham” with Goreti Venkanna here on Friday. Dr. M Suresh Babu, President of ‘parivarthana’ cultural club presided over the ceremony and revealed the noble works of Goreti Venkanna. Goreti is an Indian poet and singer known for his works in Telugu literature.

He became popular after his song “Palle Kanneru Peduthundo” in the movie Kubusam. In November 2020, Goreti was appointed MLC in Telangana. In 2021, he won the Sahitya Akademi Prize in the poetry category for his work Vallanki Taalam. The poems are related to nature and the environment and presented through the voice of a “Vallanki Pitta” bird. ‘Vallanki’ is a passerine bird also known as a songbird while ‘Taalam’ means musical rhythm. Venkanna’s poetry unveils the daily problems of life with a touch of social philosophy reflecting the pain of universal man.

Dr. Suresh praised Venkanna for beautifully unveiling the umbilical relationship between human life and nature, the relationship between man and other animals and birds.

Speaking on the occasion, Goreti said that literature and music were important components of performing arts like dance and theater and rituals. AP is rich in traditional folk art forms and has provided popular entertainment for common people alongside classical forms of dance and theater for a considerable period of history. Jangam Katha is one of the earliest popular folk ballad forms in Andhra, using several meters of desi. Goreti said many traditional artists and organizations are now making a concerted effort to recognize, revive and restore age-old traditional folk music.

The underlying reason behind this is the need to pass on and inculcate these traditions to the current generation, besides adding musical value and breathing new life into the dying art. Earlier, T Satyanarayana, V Sreenath, B Prudhvi of Lions Club, Sri Hari Murthy, Thota Nagaraj and others congratulated Goreti Venkanna.


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